It's Not About You

God has to keep reminding me that the work He calls us to is not about us. You would think that this is a logical enough conclusion that it would be hard to forget, but when you're in the midst of trials, it very much feels like it's about you. "What do You want me to learn from this God?" (Err... how can I speed this learning process up) "How should I feel during this God? Why does Judah have to go through this over and over again?" I wasn't receiving any answers to my constant questions until I was writing a message to a mom in a very similar situation to ours. It appeared that her child was going to be in the arms of Jesus soon and then she stabilized. I was rejoicing with her, but praying for wisdom to share and words to comfort her, knowing that both of us would likely be going through this again very soon. And then God just infused me with His wisdom. It completely changed my perspective, "shifted my gaze," as my friend said.

It's not about you.
It's not about the babies.
It's about ME.
It was that simple. It's about Him and His glory. It doesn't matter if I have to ride this rollercoaster 100 times with Judah. It's not about me. As long as Judah is here on earth, God is using him to show His love and what's important to Him. God could be saving the lives of unborn babies because we are preaching and showing that EVERY LIFE HAS A PURPOSE IN GOD'S PLAN. God could be drawing people closer to Him and to His heart through our lives that we are living radically for Him. Every person we meet gets to hear Judah's story and see how much of a miracle he is and how Jesus provides for us, sustains us and empowers us to do everything that He has called us to do. It's so NOT about us. Thank You Lord for Your wisdom. Be glorified.

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