Brighton's 5th birthday

Beautiful boy, we love you so much.
Grumpy when you wake up. :)
Helpful always.
Truthful (a little too much at times.)
Never gives up.

I look at this picture and it makes my heart swell. It captures my baby's beautiful spirit. He is one of the sweetest and most sensitive kids you will ever meet. He can sense when something's wrong without me saying anything. He's always helping me keep the other two children safe and out of trouble. He would much rather help me around the house than play with toys. God blessed me so much when he gave me this angel. I pray that God gives me all the love, patience and wisdom in the world to continue to mold and raise this little boy to live for Jesus. He's well on his way.

(Here are a few more pictures taken on his birthday by my best friend.)  


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