Has it been 90 days yet?? Since court 10 days ago, I've been trying to remember how to "enjoy the journey" in regards to our sibling set and our preggo birth mama. I need to be enjoying my sleep filled nights and the somewhat normalcy of our day before baby sibling graces us with her adorable presence, if and when that actually happens. You just never know. I am banking on my history with God though and all of my "I would never statements..." For example, I've said the following in the past: "I would never become a foster parent. I would never take a child older than 1. I would never invite the birth parents over to our house." And most recently, "I would never take a newborn now." I think God hears me say these things and He's like, "Oh ye of little faith, EVERTHING is possible with God. I'll show you." :) Because then I can give all the glory to HIM, because I never desired it in the first place. He put those desires in my heart.

Our recertification is next month and our adoption of Hannah is waiting on it to be completed and then she should be ours at our court date in November!! Woo hoo! I can't wait to see her name paired with our last. What an incredible blessing she is and I get to be her mommy. Thank you Jesus. Please remind me every day how blessed I am.

The hubs, loaded down with kids, getting ready to go on a walk. :) Gotta love it.

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