One step closer to our miracle.

I haven't shared much about what is going on with our foster children because I wasn't certain what I could share. I know now that without giving identifying information on the cases, I can tell you what's going on. These children that the Lord has given us are no coincidence. All 3 of these children have cases classified as "shocking and heinous." When that happens, the state immediately pushes for termination of parental rights with no option to "work a plan" to get them back. When we took Baby H in, we had no idea what the outcome was going to be. And especially with Miss A, we had no idea if we'd have her for longer than a few days when we picked her up from the shelter after Thanksgiving. We ironically have pre-termination trial hearings next week for all 3 children at the same time with 2 different judges. Apparently, God was saving us some time and gas money. :) And then in February, we have two termination trials. I've been told that the chances of rights being terminated are very high in both cases. Both of our birth moms are from out of state, so at the moment, there aren't any kinship placements that are viable. Today, I was told by A and K's caseworker that she filled out paperwork for us to send to the adoption department and that we should be getting a call very soon to start the process. Now, this isn't finalized until after the hearing, but to know that the caseworker, who is the decision maker when it comes to us or kinship adopting, is rooting for us, is HUGE. I have been crying tears of joy ever since she left. God is performing miracles before our very eyes and I am in awe of HIS goodness. I want you to understand the magnitude of God's faithfulness in our lives. We are going to have to show financial stability to adopt these kids and before Tuesday of this week, we had nothing to show other than faith. We believe very strongly that God provided Seth with this job and the guidance to accept it, so that we can adopt these children. How thankful am I that we obeyed?? I didn't understand at the time, but I trusted. Our whole family danced together tonight to My Savior, My God, by Aaron Shust. As we were dancing, my 5 year old, Brighton, saw my eyes tearing up and he said, "This is our family's song. Because you don't have to say goodbye to any of your babies." Let me tell you that I hadn't said anything to him tonight about the adoption. I don't even think he knows what that word means...

Father, I have no words. I'm so thankful you know my heart. Continue to open doors that no one can close. Continue to prune us, challenge us and grow our faith.  "I am not skilled to understand what God has willed, what God has planned, I only know at His right hand stands One who is my Savior."

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