Don't Quit

Seth and I have a lot of friends right now that are going through the process to become foster parents. It is such a blessing to have friends that would even consider going through this unknown journey to help a child without a family. It is a huge step of faith to take and currently, some of them are entering the doubting phase of the certification process. Is this the right time? Can we risk everything? Could we give them back if we had to? I wanted to write this blog to reassure them and anyone else in a similar situation that these feelings are completely normal. God is stretching your faith and you're going to have growing pains. Seth and I quit the fostering process twice. That's right, two different times. Praise God in heaven that He wouldn't let us give up though and we finished with a stronger faith and clearer calling than when we had begun.

Dear friends,
I know what you are going through right now. We were right there this time 1 year ago, so consider this me speaking to you from your future. :) When you pick up your first placement, all your fears will disappear. Instead of worrying about what could happen to you, you will worry about what could have happened to this child without you stepping in and stepping up. You will grow closer to God every day as you act as Jesus' hands and feet to feed, love and protect these precious, innocent children. Months from now, you will get on your knees and thank God with tears streaming down your face for not letting you give up because you can't imagine your life without this child or children in it. You will look at their beautiful, smiling faces and listen to their laughter while they run around like "normal" children. And then you will thank God again. 

To quote a fellow foster mom blogger

"I could have been like so many others that said "I just couldn't do it, I couldn't give them back", but instead I said YES! I will do it, even if I get hurt in the end.

And look what God did when I did that." - Mama Foster

Craig Groeschel

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