Kingdom Work

I never knew the joy of Kingdom work until this year. I am so incredibly thankful that the Lord called us into foster care ministry and that we eventually obeyed after many arguments with Him about it. (He always won, fyi.) :) There truly is no greater joy than serving Jesus by loving these children and their parents. It has made me more compassionate, understanding and most importantly, more like Jesus.

We had one of our birth moms over for breakfast this morning. I went and picked "Mama D" up because she can't afford transportation. She came out wearing a shirt with our church logo on it that we bought her a few months ago. She's worn it the past 4 or 5 times I've seen her. Mama D doesn't have any family here and her friends consist of the staff that works at the building she lives in. It was such a blessing to see the joy in her eyes this morning. She had gone to the thrift store beforehand and had bought a bag full of toys for all 6 kids. May God bless this woman for using what little money she has to do something thoughtful for us.

Yesterday, God took me through a short timeline of these past nine months since picking up our first placement. It is still so surreal to look back and see what He has done. From taking in 3 foster children, to inviting 2 birth mothers into our homes and our lives, to Seth leading Baby K's dad to Christ in prison. The scarier and harder the tasks appeared, the more joyful and rewarding the result was.

Thank YOU Father for using us to do your work!! There is NO greater joy than to love these lonely and forgotten people like you would. You set the lonely in families! We are their family! Continue to break our hearts for what breaks yours Lord! Apart from You, there is no good in us. Use us for your glory!! Amen.

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