New house update...

Well, we put the offer on our new house in February and after almost 4 months of Seth working full-time and trying to finish renovations, we are nearing the finish line. Once in there, Seth discovered that there were serious structural deficiencies. The whole house pretty much had to be gutted. Walls were knocked down, sheet rock was taken off of most of the house, plumbing and electrical had to be re-run. You name it, it was done, mostly by my extremely intelligent and talented husband. We have been so incredibly blessed by great friends and our new church family in Kingfisher who helped tremendously as well. I have a few pictures that I want to share and I can't wait until the whole house is done so I can show you how hard Seth has worked and how much God has blessed us!

Below is before and after of the kids' rooms upstairs. We recently got new windows as well, so some of the rooms look even better now than when the pics were taken. :)

Baby room - Before

Baby room - After
Baby room #2 - Before

Baby room #2 - After

Maggie and Miss A's room - Before

Maggie and Miss A's room - After
Baby room #3 - Before

Baby room #3 - After
Owen's room - Before

Owen's room - After

Brighton's room - before

Brighton's room - after
Talk about extreme makeover! :) So excited to finish up and move to our new home!! Kingfisher, here we come! 

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