God doesn't want us to sell our TV's.

:) ha ha, That's one way to look at it right? So we have come to a small bump in the road in regards to our no TV plan. No one seems to want our TV's. We did donate two of them, but the big one in the living room is still there...and currently has House on the screen. I called Tivo today and told them we wanted to cancel because we were getting rid of our TV's. He told me that he had never heard that reason for cancelling before. lol He also told me that if we cancelled now, we would be breaking our contract and would be charged an immediate $50. Well, crap. No one wants our TV's or Tivo DVR and Tivo wants to charge us money for cancelling service. We have 4 months left on our contract. So, the plan is now to keep the TV for 4 months unless someone calls from Craigslist and wants to buy it. I don't have the greatest will power, which is why just saying I'm not going to watch TV anymore requires more drastic action than just turning it off. I am going to work harder on it though! I'm going to cut down my TV viewing time in the evening and instead of watching it while I eat lunch or drink tea, I'm going to read a magazine instead. Then, in 4 months, we will officially say goodbye and find a home for our last TV. I'm really bummed, because I was looking forward to feng shui'ing our living room by removing it. Until then, hopefully I can find some way to live with this life-sucking box in my living room. :) Now, I have to get back to watching House. Hope everyone has a great evening.

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