Pepperoni Pizza

"You're putting your consciousness on what you have to offer the world instead of what is scarce." - from the book 29 gifts. Love that.

Day 4 - I could not think of anything to give yesterday. I was grumpy and a little depressed. Seth got home and we decided to go on a walk and visit my grandma for my "gift." My great aunt was there as well and she had never met Owen. I believe it definitely brightened their day as well as mine. I was in a much better mood when we left and glad the kids got to visit their great grandma and great aunt.

My little pepperoni pizza. Thanks Cheryl!
Day 5 - I've decided to just journal the gifts I receive because I feel like I'm taking away something from the experience and the sincerity by broadcasting it across the internet. Today was a great day. I met an older man who has an awesome ministry that I would definitely like to be a part of in the near future. He was such an inspiration to talk to. Seth showed up at the house around 2pm and he never comes home early unless he has a migraine. He was fine and the kids were so excited to see him. Maggie and I did a little shopping and we all went on a walk. Around dinnertime, a friend called and had bought a costume for my kids at Old Navy and wanted to drop it off. I have such thoughtful  friends! I hope someday it will come as naturally to me as it is to them.

I already know what I will receive as a gift tomorrow. My best friend's little sister is coming over on her fall break to "play" with my kids for a few hours while I catch up on housework. I know she won't understand until she's married with children what a blessing this is to a mom with 3 kids, 4 and under. We are so thankful for her! We're also having friends over for dinner and looking forward to some fellowship with them and their sweet kiddos.

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