Beans, beans, the magical fruit... :)

$2 worth of red beans, soaked overnight and cooked for 2 hours.

Ever since we did the Quantum Cleanse for a week, beans have taken a new place at my home. They have gone from an occasional side dish to a staple that is always in my refrigerator. Once a week I cook a BIG pot of beans and put them in my refrigerator. The most nutritious are the black beans and red beans.  It is so easy to make a meal on short notice if you have cooked beans. I highly advise against buying any kind of canned food including canned beans because of the dangerous levels of BPA in all canned foods. BPA is a toxic plastics chemical known to cause many health problems. See this report from the Environmental Working Group for more info. Here's what I do during the week with my beans.

  • Add them to nachos! Much tastier than just cheese nachos. 
  • Add them to rice or quinoa. (See link for an awesome recipe)
  • Puree them w/ avocado for Owen. They also make great finger foods for babies.
  • Add to soups and casseroles
  • Bean dip
  • Burritos - to make refried beans, I just mash and add a little fat skimmed off my chicken broth or some olive oil, garlic and dried onions when I'm in a hurry. 
I find it so much easier to have a meatless meal when I have beans on hand. Very frugal and healthy way to create meals! 

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