Toxic Tuesday: Bleach bath for MRSA??

Lord, have mercy. I took Brighton to his first well check in 4 years at the pediatrician this morning. I mentioned to the Dr. that a few days ago Brighton had a couple bug bites that turned nasty and filled with pus and I had never experienced that before. He told me that MRSA (an antibiotic resistant bacteria) is running rampant right now and to occasionally give him a bleach bath with 1/2 cup of clorox added to the bath water. He even said that it helps soften the skin. OH MY LORD. If you know me at all, you can understand why my reaction was just laughter to this suggestion. I said, "Dr., I think you are great, but there is no way I am giving my child a bleach bath. We don't even have it in the house, it is horrible for you!" Thankfully, he didn't take offense to my laughter, but he went on about how it can kill the MRSA bacteria, etc, so I shared with him what we use to kill potential MRSA bacteria that is much safer to use than bleach. And for the record, he did say that the following could help. lol

  1. Colloidal Silver taken internally or applied directly to the wound - see my recent post on My Medicine Cabinet, for more info. 
  2. Raw Manuka Honey - available online and at your local health food store. I know that Akins carries some. Apply it directly to the skin and/or add it to tea or warm water and drink. Here is just one article on scientists' recent discoveries of manuka honey's antibiotic properties effective against MRSA. Just google for more links. Make sure it is raw manuka honey. Here is the kind I bought at Vitacost. 
We also discussed Brighton's autistic traits that I am concerned about. If you haven't read my Autism Anxiety blog about those concerns, click here. The doctor said that he may have mild Asperger's, but he doesn't believe he should be treated any differently other than possible speech therapy and maybe some occupational therapy. He was very reassuring and nonchalant about all the symptoms. He said most people deal with many of his symptoms and learn to cope well and have no problems in life. 

He was also surprised that Brighton's fever of 101 last night was down and normal at 98.5 this morning at the visit. I told him I had some great home remedies if he was interested. :) I'm looking forward to Owen's visit on Thursday and seeing what he has to say about my little giant.

ETA on 4/29/12: Since this post, 2 of my 6 children have actually developed MRSA boils. The first one was very large and freaked me out, so we treated it with Bactrim and after 10 days it still wasn't completely gone. I decided it was time for natural remedies. After 24 hours on colloidal silver it was GONE. Since then, I've treated 4 boils naturally and within 48 -72 hours they are gone. Only the high ppm colloidal silver works to get rid of them. We use 400ppm from this company. Make sure to order the extra strength. My foster kids with poor immune systems are the only ones who seem to suffer from the MRSA boils. As soon as they develop one, I gently squeeze out as much pus as I can and then spray on a mixture of colloidal silver and tea tree oil. Then they get 1/ml orally of 400ppm colloidal silver 3/times a day until it's gone. I've since discovered that if I give them 1/ml every day, once a day, it keeps the boils away. One other remedy I do in conjunction that I believe is extremely important and essential is homeopathic silicea. I give them 2 tablets every day until it's gone. Homeopathic silicea has proven to be an absolute must-have remedy for my foster children. It is great for vaccine injuries, failure to thrive, and really just poor health in general. For more info on it, see this link. It does an excellent job at stimulating appetites! Plus, it is a remedy that you only have to dose once a month or so. The bottle of 500 tablets for $6 is a great investment! Don't forget the tea tree oil also. This is what I buy from vitacost. If you put it directly on the skin, make sure to mix it with another kind of oil so it doesn't burn. I use coconut oil. Extra vitamin C helps a lot too. I give half a package of Emergen-C or 500mg dissolved in juice. Don't be terrified of this bacteria, just educate yourself so that you know how to treat it effectively, quickly and hopefully painlessly.

As a reminder, I'm not a doctor.  I have researched and used this treatment on 2 of my children, more than 6 separate times with 100% success when they were caught early. I encourage you to research everything, especially bleach baths before subjecting yourself or your children to them.

*ETA on 5/16/13: I have to edit this post again because it has been close to a year since we have had a MRSA boil in this house and prevention is my miracle cure! Vitamin D3 every day. Done. None since. This is what I buy from Vitacost and I give 3 drops daily. I might drop my dose once we're in the sun a lot this summer, but 3 drops is what's keeping MRSA away right now and I am soooooo thankful!

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