Has it really been a year??

Owen turns 1 next week. I absolutely cannot believe it has been a year. I remember his birth like it was yesterday. After the midwife informed me that “breathing the baby down” was no longer an option because he was having some pretty decent decels, I flipped on my back and pushed like there was no tomorrow. He was born at 4:57am after being admitted to OU at 8pm the previous evening. Most of my labor was spent in the shower with Seth holding the shower head on my back while the midwife knitted in the other room. For me, giving birth is such a life changing and empowering moment. It is such a gift from God to us mothers. Owen weighed 6lbs 5oz and peed all over me the second he was out. He spent over an hour naked on my bare chest getting acquainted with me face to face. There were no heel sticks, no baths, no yucky eye ointment, shots or circumcision. It was as perfect an entrance into this world as it could be for a hospital birth. It was what we believe God really created birth to be. Because I had an unmedicated, uncomplicated delivery, we were at home only 7 hours later. I was up unloading the dishwasher (not the greatest part of the day) and Seth was taking care of the older kids, while our 7 hour old baby slept peacefully. I will forever be thankful to the midwives at OU for making this kind of birth in a hospital possible. I am sad that I will never again experience giving birth, that this season of my life has passed. I am hopeful that I will get to be a part of many more births as a doula though. Natural childbirth is truly my passion and I pray that God will use that for His glory.
Owen, a couple of minutes old.

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