I’m a probiotic pusher, I admit it.

I think they’re one of the greatest supplements on earth. There are no negative side effects, you can’t overdose on them. In lay terms, probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut that help fight off all the bad bacteria. 80% of your immunity is in your gut. Adults, if you have health issues and want to boycott natural remedies, your decision. I’m mainly writing this entry for parents who have kids on prescription laxatives, steroids, allergy meds, antibiotics every month or just want their kids to be healthier in general. Probiotics can help your children in so many ways. My mom has a friend whose baby never slept through the night because he had eczema so badly that he was always up itching. As soon as they started probiotics, this poor baby finally slept and his eczema cleared up. I have a friend whose little girl was on steroids for her asthma and is fully off of them now after being on probiotics. I’m hopeful that some of my friends with success stories will post here because it could help someone else in the same situation. If you want actual published information though, Google isn’t far away. And for what it’s worth, with all the research I have done regarding probiotics, I haven’t found one negative thing. Here’s a list of some of the most common things probiotics can help with:

Urinary tract infections
Constipation, diarrhea, IBS
General immunity
Yeast infections, thrush
Cavity prevention

This is the only brand I have ever used. I’m sure others work as well, but I know this one does. I buy it at Akins in the refrigerated vitamin section. The best probiotics are in the refrigerators at the stores and need to be kept refrigerated to stay at optimal potency at home. It is $12 for 100 capsules. I open the capsules and pour 1-2 a day in the kid’s milk or yogurt and mix it up really well.
So, what are you waiting for? Go heal your family.

Edited to add: Here is my updated blog on water kefir, which is an excellent source of homemade probiotics that I now give my family. 

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