Quantum Cleanse

Starting on Sept. 13, Seth and I are joining a few of my friends and doing a “Quantum Cleanse” for 21 days. It involves avoiding the following:
- Caffeine
- Sugar
- Alcohol
- Gluten
- Animal Products

*We are making an exception to include free range eggs.

“This Jump-Start Cleanse will eliminate sources of toxins and allergens, giving the digestive system a break from working overtime to process the substances that inhibit optimum performance the most. Again, increased energy, better digestion, and relief from various aches and pains (including headaches, muscle aches, and joint pain) are just a few of the known benefits.” - www.oprah.com

This cleanse is based on a book by Kathy Freston. Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit

What we hope to gain from this is less of a dependency on these things, especially meat. We eat only humanely raised, grass fed meat for the most part, but we eat them almost every meal and it would be healthier for us (and cheaper) if we could increase our consumption of vegetables, fruits and grains that are easier for our bodies to digest. I also deal with fibromyalgia and would like to see if removing any of these from my diet helps with my muscle aches and increases my energy level. This cleanse is said to quickly get rid of belly fat as well, so that is a definite benefit for most.

What can you eat? This is a list I’ve started to compile in advance for ideas so that we don’t stray from the cleanse.

Quinoa, rice, millet
Organic fresh fruit and vegetables (We will be eating a lot of salad.)
Nuts and nut butters.
Homemade granola to snack on
Gluten free breads
Garbanzo beans/chickpeas for hummus
Raw dates, raisins
Organic coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk
Corn masa - to make corn tortillas filled w/ beans and veggies.
Raw honey and pure maple syrup used minimally
Green tea is allowed
*Free range eggs

I am sure there are MANY things I can add to this, this is just where I’m starting. Would love any other ideas anyone has. I am really looking forward to this, surprisingly, probably because I have a great support group of friends online that will be doing this with me. We would love it if you want to join us! Again, we are starting on Monday, Sept. 13.

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