Azure Standard = Affordable Organic Groceries

I picked up my first Azure Standard order this morning in Edmond. It was a little hectic being my first time, but Jenny the coordinator sent out very detailed emails so we would know what to expect. Bless her for organizing all of this so we can get all this good food at such a great price!

I think this is available throughout the country, you just have to find a drop point in your area to be able to buy from it. This is how it works for the Edmond, OK drop point.
  • Orders are placed once a month. Placing them 1-2 days before the deadline works best so that you get more of what you order since the produce is fresh and it rotates in and out of the inventory online. I've found that the website starts to run very slow around this time because so many people are trying to get their order in, so if you're a night owl or an early bird, I'd get on in the "off" hours to make ordering go quicker. 
  • They have EVERYTHING on here that you'd find at a health food store or farmer's market for a fraction of the cost. I love buying local, but my pocketbook is really liking Azure right now. A lot of my organic produce that I usually buy is internationally grown and most of Azure's is grown in Oregon, so this does qualify as "local" to me! I recommend getting on here and searching through all the categories and adding non-produce items to your cart before the deadline. I am still discovering new products that they have. 
  • If you are wanting to build up your family's food supply by buying in bulk, this is the place to get your stuff from! I will be ordering grains, beans, and many other things in 25lb quantities as soon as tax refunds get here! 
  • There is a $50 order minimum, no tax, but there is an 8.5% charge for transportation. The $50 order minimum should be very easy to hit with as much as they have to offer. (Edited: You can order under $50 worth, but there is an extra $5 charge.)
  • For the Edmond drop, email Jenny Ranum to be added to the email list and for more info. There is also an Edmond facebook group. For other areas, contact Azure Standard by phone or email and they will get you in touch with someone. As of 7/2011, the Edmond drop is full, but there are 3 other drops in the metro area, so contact Azure for a location near you. 
Here's what I got on my first (small) order. I split a few things with my mom. 
  1. 10 organic coconuts @ $1.50 each
  2. 5 lb bag of organic russet potatoes @ $3.30/bag
  3. 12 - 64oz containers of organic coconut milk @ $3.25 each (compared to $3 for 32oz at Akins!!)
  4. Organic apples split w/ my mom @ 20 lbs for $17.30
  5. 1 gallon of raw clover honey  @ $29.25
  6. 2 bunches of organic celery @ $1.65 each
  7. Natural blueberries split w/ mom @ 8 lbs for $13.25
  8. 25 lbs of organic whole corn @ $10.95
My ever growing future list:
  1. 25 lbs of organic red quinoa @ $57.00
  2. 50 lbs of organic wheat berries @ $ here for more grains
  3. 50 lbs of organic rolled oats @ $31.05
  4. 25 lbs of organic black beans @ $30.85
  5. 25 lbs of organic great northern beans @ $ here for more beans
  6. 33 lbs of organic rapadura cane sugar @ $60.55 (I use it to make my water kefir.)
  7. 5 lbs of xylitol @ $ here for more sweeteners
  8. 1 lb bag or organic cinnamon @ $5...for MANY more herbs and spices click here
  9. 25 lbs of organic carrots @ $ here for more produce
  10. 32 oz of organic olive oil @ $13.75
Check out the website and start shopping! (Everything in green above is linked to the product on Azure.) Next order deadline is Tuesday, November 30, 6:00 p.m. CST. Bring someone strong with you when you pick stuff up, things can get heavy!

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