I am thankful for my Savior, who without Him I would have none of this. We have been blessed beyond measure this year.

I am thankful for...

my wonderful husband who supports me in all I do and provides for the family so that I can stay home with my babies.

my sweet Brighton who loves to learn and help me around the house.

my precious Maggie who constantly keeps me on my toes and can "wash" dishes for hours.

my baby boy, Owen, who has completed our family with his giant personality and dance moves.

our church that challenges us every week to become more like Christ and less like the world.

my mom, without her, I would feel lost.

my dad, who drives me crazy because we're just alike.

extended family and friends that bring love, support and excitement to my days.

my best friend who has provided us with some of the most beautiful photographs and memories from this year at no charge at all.

rekindled friendships this year with people I hadn't seen in well over 10 years.

a warm place to live, food to eat and family to enjoy it all with.

May God bless you all this holiday weekend.

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