To preface this post, I know nothing about growing living things, besides humans. I know that you use compost to help your garden, but I have yet to get my hands dirty. We mainly started composting about 2 years ago to cut down on the amount of trash we accumulate. Once we started cloth diapering, recycling and composting, we went from 2 full big blue trash cans a week down to 1/2 a trash can. This is the amount of compost we accumulate in one day. If I juice that day, I usually have another half a bowl.

This is the compost bin we have. We bought it at Sam's for under $30. You can make them too out of a garbage can if you're handy like that.

SoilSaver® Classic Composter

For more info on composting and how it helps with your personal garden, here is a great article from Mother Earth News. This is such a great magazine, so much info, I never throw mine away.

Soon I am going to have to learn how to garden! We're closing on our land and construction loan next week! :)

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