Thankful Thursday

My two little rams.
Blessings this past week

  • Brighton's behavior this week has been stellar. He wakes up in the morning and makes his bed and Maggie's bed without me asking. He sweeps the acorns off the back patio for me and loves folding clothes. I actually don't mind doing it now, because I get to spend time with him while doing it. He's in charge of the washcloths. He does an excellent job of making the square into a rectangle and then into a smaller square. Earlier this week he had me come into Owen's room and showed me how he taped a paper cross to the wall. He asked me, "Does Jesus live in here?" I said, "Well, He lives in our hearts." My sweet little boy said, "But I want Him to live in here and protect Owen." Gulp. Oh boy, do I love his heart. Owen has been falling a lot since he's learning how to walk and climb and oh, how it hurts Brighton when Owen gets hurt. He is very protective over him. How thankful I am for having him as my oldest to watch over and be such a great example for his siblings. Thank you Lord. You know, many times I feel like I'm failing them as a mother in so many ways, but when I see a glimpse into their heart like this, I really feel like I must be doing something right.

  • Taking Owen to the church nursery and watching him have a blast. This is an answered prayer. Also, I prayed that if only Brighton and Maggie could be in the same room, I would feel so much better. Praise God, at the 8:30am service, there are so few kids that their age groups are actually in the same room.

  • We sold our microwave today! Yay! Made enough to pay for our weekly raw milk run.

We have a busy week next week. 3 doctor's appt.'s for the kids, a speech eval. for Brighton and a dentist appt. for me. Hopefully I'll make it through them all with a bit of sanity left.

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