Simple Saturday :)

"Food should be a source of nourishment for children, not entitlement, entertainment, or empowerment. If you concede your authority around food to young children, they adopt habits that may affect them throughout life." - Kim John Payne, in Simplicity Parenting.

We have food issues with our oldest. He stopped eating new food around 1 1/2 and has gradually tapered down to only eating a handful of things at 4 1/2 years of age. Granted, I make sure the handful of things he eats are healthy, but this is not how I want him to live his life. I've let it go on so long because he has some sensory integration issues and doesn't respond to the threats of "you won't eat anything, until you eat this." He once went over 24 hours without food. It's been over a year since that incident and I'm thinking it's time to try again, but with a new approach. Simplicity Parenting suggests making dinner more predictable and simpler by having certain types of meals on certain days, like "Taco Tuesday." Having meals planned this week for the Quantum Cleanse has been so great that I haven't missed the stuff we usually eat. Knowing what I'm going to cook is something that I'd like to get used to. It's also important to involve the kids in whatever way you can. Both Maggie and Brighton will gladly turn off the t.v. for a chance to help Mommy or Daddy cook, or even set the table. I know that excitement won't last for long, so we must start forming these habits early on. So, here is our tentative Weekly Meal Schedule, starting after the cleanse is over.

"Soup's on!" Sunday (Stew, chili, chicken soup)
Meatless Monday (I'm sure this will be an easy one after eating Vegan for 21 days!)
Taco Tuesday (Mexican food)
Waffle Wednesday (Breakfast for dinner)
Thankful Thursday (This will probably be a wild card food day, but I thought we could at least make it a special day where we make a point to talk about things we're thankful for that week.)
Fishy Friday (Baked Cod or Grilled Salmon)
Salad Saturday (Chicken salad, pasta salad, traditional veggie salad)

Whew - that made me hungry thinking about all that food! So for dinner tonight, we are finally getting around to having meatless spaghetti with brown rice pasta and corn. I'm also planning on making some mashed sweet potatoes with coconut oil, honey and cinnamon to snack on today. Tomorrow we are having family over, so this is the meal plan:

Black Bean Dip minus cheese
Homemade Salsa
Organic Corn Tortilla Chips
Tortillas made w/ corn masa
Mexican rice made w/ brown rice, sautéed onion, cumin and salsa
Pinto beans
Taco meat (for the kids and guests)

Not too scary right? Okay, I'm off to rinse my soaked oatmeal for cookies and switch out my water kefir grains! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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